What Makes Villas Del Mar The Most Unique Community to Rent/Buy Right Now

What Makes Villas Del Mar The Most Unique Community to Rent/Buy Right Now

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There are many reasons why people are looking to Los Cabos as the #1 Mexican beach destination to rent or buy; the beautiful year-round weather, the sparkling blue water, outdoor activities galore, the stunning nature, a thriving food, drink, and social scene...the list goes on!

However, with new resorts and properties popping up each year, how do you know where to look?

Cue: Villas Del Mar — offering unique topography and unprecedented luxury, it’s one of our current top choices for real estate.

Here’s the highlight reel on what makes this community unique:

Rich in History

Almost three decades ago, the area’s vistas and sweeping views caught the eyes of Villa Del Mar’s founders. They bought a small, but ideal, piece of land and built their very first homes around the former Hotel Palmilla, now known as the One & Only Palmilla Hotel. Today, being neighbors with the One & Only is not only considered ideal, but a rare and special experience; only a few hundred houses have ever been able to call the Villas Del Mar home.

Ideal Building Regulations

Villas Del Mar follow a special “over X feet” rule when building, so no house can bother the view of another. The hillsides rise quickly from the beach and form steep mountains, where each home is tucked away and has unparalleled views for miles. This is unique because, compared to other communities where houses might be stacked atop each other, this extraordinary cliffside topography offers the sense that your house is the only one around.

Naturally Unique Ecosystem

While the majority of Los Cabos is dominated by desert ecosystems, this little slice of heaven possesses a handful of specific environmental factors that allow a naturally tropical landscape to thrive. Everywhere you look, you’ll see giant palms and lush flora covering gently winding roads, front yards, and terraces. In addition to Villas Del Mar’s gorgeous man-made architecture, the natural surroundings make it the area’s crown jewel.

Authentic Modern Mexican Architecture

Speaking of architecture, the homes here are characterized by classic Mexican design, modern Mediterraneaon-style delights, and American knowledge for builds that have the best of everything. No two are exactly the same, and with each compound presenting top-tier amenities and unique, opulent details, they’re the kind of places you’ll either want to permanently move into or return again and again.

World-class Concierge & Service

The second you enter the gates of this luxury community, you know you’ve entered the finest residential neighborhood in Los Cabos. Alongside its gorgeous homes, Villas Del Mar takes pride in keeping a world-class, on-site property management team that handles all the busy-work so you can relax and enjoy. Each home is assigned a professional guest service manager as a single point of contact and “go-to” person for any and all of your needs, like transportation, housekeeping, reservations, house maintenance & IT, personal chefs, monthly payment management, etc. Everything you need is right at your fingertips.

eady to experience the incredible lifestyle at Villas Del Mar? Check out the exceptional homes available for rental and purchase!