Traveling with Pets to Los Cabos

Traveling with Pets to Los Cabos

My name is Israel, I am the newest member of Michael Baldwin’s team! In my spare time I train dogs. I’ve had many conversations with homeowners in Villas Del Mar about traveling with your furry friend(s). It can be an overwhelming experience. So, I’ve decided to write about what pet owners should do and know before bringing a pet to Los Cabos.

I hope the information I have gathered can help ease the stressful moment, and have you traveling worry free. In this blog post you will find information and policies from different airlines that are important to know when traveling to Los Cabos. I will also recommend some of my favorite pet friendly restaurants, beaches and trustworthy Veterinarians.

As my research started it’s important to mention that every airline has a different protocol when it comes to traveling with animals, so all you have to do is click on the logo of the airline that you will be flying with. Let me know if this information helped you out by leaving a comment at the end of this post.

We are a team dedicated to help Michael Baldwin’s clients have an extraordinary experience moving to Villas Del Mar, your comments and ideas for future blog posts will help us know our community better.

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Now that you have all the requirements to travel to Los Cabos, there is valuable information to know during your stay. A good example is that not all beaches or restaurants in Los Cabos are pet friendly, so you might need to know about good options for beaches, restaurants, and where you can take Buddy to the veterinarian.

Check out the list below!

Pet Friendly Beaches in Los Cabos:

  1. Lovers Beach - In Cabo San Lucas

  2. Playa Pedregal - In Cabo San Lucas

  3. Playa Medano (some parts) - In Cabo San Lucas

  4. Tabasco Beach - In Cabo San Lucas

  5. Playa Cabo Bello - In Cabo San Lucas

  6. Playa Costa Azul - In San José Del Cabo

  7. Playa San Jose - All along the Hotel Zone (San José Del Cabo).

I listed a few restaurants where you can take Buddy as well.

Cream Cafe - at The Shoppes Palmilla, on their patio (San José Del Cabo).

La Dolce - (San José del Cabo & Cabo San Lucas)

Baja Brewing - (San José del Cabo & Cabo San Lucas)

Zippers, beachfront restaurant - (San José Del Cabo)

District MX - on the patio area - (San José Del Cabo)

Buzzards - by the East Cape Road

Veterinarians that I recommend with 5+ years in business:

San José Del Cabo:

  1. South Baja Animal Clinic

  2. Veterinaria Las Palmas

  3. Centro veterinario San Jose

  4. Veterinaria Chiapa del Sur







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