Los Cabos Youth Center – Inspire Mexico Foundation

Los Cabos Youth Center – Inspire Mexico Foundation

Located in Santa Rosa, San Jose del Cabo, the Los Cabos Youth Center is an incredible new project helping bring the local community a variety of resources to build a stronger foundation for the younger generations.

Los Cabos Youth Center is home to several non-profit foundations including The Boys and Girls Club, Amigos de Los Ninos, and ComuniCabo.

The Boys and Girls Club currently serves 300 youth who are mentored by 40 volunteers. Their most impactful program is the Agents of Change, which empowers the youth to identify and address societal issues and create change. They also offer mentoring in career development, entrepreneurship, nutrition, art, coding, hospitality and many more areas.

Amigos de Los Niños provides quality health care currently to hundreds of children in Los Cabos who are unable to receive proper treatments any other way. Not only is their work essential but they are helping future generations to understand the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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Lastly, ComuniCabo offers speech therapy to children undergoing cleft lip and palate surgeries. Giving children the confidence and support they need to continue to grow and be comfortable in their own skin.

Helping mold the future of Los Cabos youth

Most recently, the Los Cabos Youth Center has distributed over 90,000 meals during the pandemic and continue to offer support to the community on a daily basis. Being right in the middle of several school in the San Jose del Cabo area, children are able to attend school and then go to the center for additional support, doctors’ appointments, extra-curricular courses and be in a safe and comfortable environment. The work and offerings of the Los Cabos Youth Center is critical to this area and will hopefully create positive changes in futures to come.

How can you get involved and help?

You can visit Fundacioniluminame.org or inspiremexico.org to donate, and your donations will be deductible for US tax purposes. They are looking to expand and provide even more recourses for the local community so any donation is greatly appreciated. If you feel you have more you can provide to the center, you can also become a volunteer and help more one-on-one with the children. Feel free to connect with us directly if you want more details, always happy to answer any questions you might have.



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What’s next?

We, as Villas del Mar homeowners will be putting on a second fundraising event to generate donations for the center. At our last event, we were able to raise over $250,000 USD, an incredible contribution that will be truly appreciated by everyone involved in the project. Please keep an eye on our social media outlets for news on the next event, we would love to see you there!