The Sea of Cortés Adventures


Destination Highlights

la paz diving

La Paz

La Paz is the gateway to the Sea of Cortez and a peaceful city with a wonderful climate. Despite being the capital of Baja California Sur, it remains a quiet and serene harbor that visitors fall in love with. Due to its many reefs and exquisite biodiversity, the Bay of La Paz is one of the premiere destinations for diving and snorkeling in the world. In addition to water activities, La Paz offers every activity you can possibly imagine; whether you are an adventurer or a casual observer, the natural beauty, rich history and the Sea of Cortez will provide you with an infinite amount of fun, adventure and relaxation.

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Bahía Balandra

Located approximately 30 minutes north of La Paz, Bahia Balandra is a picturesque strip of light sand nestled within a protective cove and enclosed by high rock cliffs. With miles of knee-deep turquoise water, contrasting deep red-brown rocks, and a scattering of lush green foliage, it isn’t hard to understand why a beach so beautiful is one of the most popular in La Paz.

Isla Espiritu Santo

Known for fantastic kayaking, up-close and personal encounters with friendly sea lion pups, and some of the most spectacular beaches in Baja South, Isla Espiritu Santo is an idyllic island destination. Diving and snorkeling enthusiasts will revel in the abundance of marine life to be discovered below the water’s surface; the surrounding reefs are home to parrotfish, angelfish, trumpet fish, and more, while dolphins, rays, turtles and whales pass nearby.

A remote and uninhabited island boasting water so blue and so clear that you can see the sand swirl around your toes, Ensenada Grande is an absolute delight. Located on Isla Partida, directly above the mainland of Isla Espiritu Santo, Ensenada Grande is an excellent place for diving and snorkeling.

Los Islotes is located on Isla Espiritu Santo’s northernmost tip and is famous for its colony of sea lions that call this tiny island home. Admire the cute pups from afar, or dive into the water to swim alongside them.

san francisquito

Isla San Francisquito

Isla San Francisquito is a stunningly picturesque crescent shaped island, with pristine shores and crystalline waters. This was once a homeland to gold miners and pearl prospectors, and the fascinating landscape is covered with rocky colored cliffs and rugged terrain. If you’re feeling active, hiking trails criss-cross the island that will lead you to discover different areas of it. For unparalleled views, climb up the hills to see Baja to the West and the Sea of Cortes to the East.

isla san jose

Isla San José

San José is arguably one of the most gorgeous islands in México. Despite being very small in size, it possesses a stunning landscape featuring rocky colored cliffs that adorn the coast and seem to roll down into the bright blue waters below. To the south of the island you will discover Bahia Amortajada. Home to a great estuary of mangroves, this attracts a variety of bird species to take refuge on the island, such as pelicans, herons, and fish hawks. This mangrove lagoon is also unique in that it is rare to find such density in an otherwise desert location.

Loreto & Parque Nacional Bahía de Loreto

Loreto feels like somewhere caught in between an old and new world. Cobblestone streets, pottery shops, and teenagers practicing hip-hop in the square, combine together to create the unique atmosphere you will discover in this town. Take a stroll along the beach promenade, where out in the dazzling blue water lays the magnificent Parque Nacional Bahia de Loreto. This shoreline, ocean, and the stunning offshore islands became a Marine National Park on July 19,1996 and the 797 square-mile area is protected from pollution and uncontrolled fishing.

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