Cabo on the Cheap

Cabo on the Cheap

I love food. And, in the decade that my wife Stephanie and I have called Los Cabos home, we’ve watched an already-strong food scene ascend to next-level status: Here, you can find world-class chefs at restaurants featuring mesmerizing and cutting-edge design, as well as well as organic, locally sourced ingredients that would rival anything you’d find in the United States or Europe.


But if you insist on fancy all the time, you’re likely to miss out on some of the most phenomenal dishes Los Cabos has to offer. Let’s not forget we’re in México, a country known for its big, bold flavors and rich culinary traditions. Located here at the southernmost tip of the Baja Peninsula, we also enjoy the bounty of the sea: lots of delicious seafood caught daily and delivered at unbeatable prices. Beyond that, the region has attracted talented chefs and entrepreneurs from all over the globe—meaning you’ll find creative menus that traverse a world of flavors. Italian. Argentine. American. You can find it all.

Here I present you with some of my favorite casual spots, delicious finds that are smart budget choices.

Café Espiritu located at Villas Del Mar is a quaint little spot. It’s great for casual meetings or bringing your laptop to work in the sunshine. The menu includes fresh produce from our Espiritu Organic Garden.
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Barrio de Tango

This Argentine spot in San José del Cabo is a little hard to find but totally worth the search. Come here for tender Argentine-style steaks. The vacío argentino and the lasagna are my favorite dishes.


Café Espíritu

Don’t think you can do organic on the cheap? You’ve obviously never been to Café Espíritu, located within the Villas Del Mar community, where you can enjoy a fresh, locally sourced, and organic salad—that’s delicious!—for only six bucks.


Café Lolita

There’s no way of telling from the unassuming storefront that this restaurant is so expansive—both in size and creativity. The chilaquiles verdes are outstanding, as are the handmade cinnamon rolls, and any of the egg dishes. Come here for breakfast or brunch.


Pancake House

The name sounds all American, but I come to this place for farm-fresh eggs and classic Mexican dishes like chilaquiles in green sauce. There’s also, hence its name, a nice array of pancakes, ranging from the expected to the mind-blowing. The menu has more than 100 dishes, and the prices are very reasonable.


Pizza Nostra

The concentration of Italian restaurants here in Los Cabos is surprisingly dense, and the offerings range from homey to high-end. At Pizza Nostra, you can find great deals on pizza and pastas—all delicious.

Tacos Gardenias

Want to taste authentic Mexican tacos? Prioritize a trip to Tacos Gardenias, a cash-only taqueria serving every variety—from cochinita pibil, nopales, chicharrón, to shrimp, fish, barbacoa, and chicken. Also on the menu at this family-owned spot: ceviche, seafood soup, and the shrimp cocktail.


Taquería El Paisa

The tacos here are always a hit, but I come to El Paisa in Cabo primarily for the stuffed baked potato. This dish is not a side but instead a main event, and it comes loaded up with carne asada, cheese, salsa, guac, and media crema. Come hungry.


Taquería Rossy

The fried shrimp tacos at Taquería Rossy are a must! You can also wow your house guests with an incredible Mexican fiesta, featuring an authentic—and inexpensive—catering spread right in the comfort of your home. They bring the comal, salsas, toppings, your choice of meat: fish, shrimp, chicken, pork, beef, and even vegetarian if you ask in advance. Tacos are prepared and served on the spot.

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Never settle for ordinary, whether you’re deciding where to eat or where to live. In Los Cabos, you’ll quickly find you can live bigger, bolder, and within your budget. Email me today to start the search for your Los Cabos dream home:
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What are your favorite budget-friendly spots in Los Cabos? Let me know in the comments section below.

~ Michael.