Fitness Made Easy: Living Your Best Los Cabos Life

Fitness Made Easy: Living Your Best Los Cabos Life

If you’re moving to Los Cabos or just visiting, you don’t need to sacrifice your fitness routine. In fact, in the last 10 years that Michael and I have lived down here, I’ve felt like staying fit got easier. There are a variety of activities one can do at the facilities at our clubs at Villas Del Mar as well as outdoors, thanks to our fabulous weather.


Here are some examples of ways and places to be active, relax and recover, or refuel.


Explore the Outdoors

When you own a home here and you have Los Cabos as your playground, you have no excuse to not get outdoors and enjoy it. I like walking on the beach or on my way to the club to take a fitness class. You can also swim, snorkel or paddleboard in the Sea of Cortés. The beach here at Palmilla has received Blue Flag certification for its pristine conditions (clean shores, top-notch amenities, and more). Now for a real treat, we usually rent a yacht for the day from our friends from Cool Baja. They provide many water toys, and you could use the yacht as a launchpad for kayaking, snorkeling, wave runner riding, and more. Then, there is the desert too. We have so much fun with Ultimate Thrill's dusty day adventures, where we go out and explore secluded beaches and wildlife, as well as quaint nearby towns on our Polaris.


Villas Del Mar

Our neighborhood has a premier beach club and a fitness center: At Club Ninety Six, you can swim in oceanside pools, get plenty of water activities equipment (including a catamaran), and enjoy healthy and delicious meals. Club Espiritu Fitness Club & Spa has everything you could imagine: workout equipment, a Pilates studio, an outdoor yoga pavilion, spinning, lap pool, sauna, personal trainers, and courts where you can play tennis and pickleball, which is becoming really trendy down here.

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Golf and Sportfishing

As golf and fishing are so popular here, you might find Michael out on any given day at one of the region's golf courses (here's a list of courses; you can play one each day of the week!). Other days, he can be on a private charter reeling one in; Los Cabos is the fishing capital of the world, after all.


Rest and Relax

When I need to relax, I head to Club Espiritu Fitness Club & Spa,  where I do treatments like the Royal Oxygen Ritual (to restore your inner balance), a hot stone massage, or the seaweed body wrap (which helps after sun exposure). Besides regular classes, Espiritu offers specialized sessions like guided meditation and Yoga Restore & Renew. When living in Villas Del Mar we can also enjoy Espiritu's spa services in our homes, via its In-Residence Spa service. There is also One&Only Palmilla's on-site spa, where you can experience ancient healing rituals and other signature treatments.

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Local and Organic

Last but not least, making healthy food choices is basic to staying fit. It doesn't mean depriving yourself. Everyone knows Michael and I love the restaurant scene. We also prioritize healthy, organic ingredients. That's easy here, too, especially when I can stop by the Espiritu Organic Garden. Seeing the 36 garden beds every day when leaving the gym is a good reminder of how convenient and delicious these veggies and fruits are for us. Plus, just about all of our favorite restaurants feature local, organic, and responsibly sourced ingredients across their food and drink menus. Want recommendations? Make sure to check out the Lifestyle in Cabo restaurant guide.

Which is your favorite way to stay fit in Los Cabos? Let us know what activities you’d like to learn more about in the comments section below.


~ Stephanie.