Time to Plan Your Retirement in Cabo

Time to Plan Your Retirement in Cabo

There’s no better time than today to start planning for your retirement. That’s especially true if you’re considering a move to Los Cabos, México, as so many Americans and Canadians have decided to do in recent decades.

Perfect timing

Of course, there’s no bad time to make the move—after all, Los Cabos is home to world-class beaches, activities, and restaurants. But there are several factors that have smart investors considering Los Cabos now. Here the dollar goes even further than in the United States, and you’re able to dream bigger and bolder than ever before. Do you want a cozy or spacious home? Looking for a single- or two-story? Want an ocean view or access to a golf course? Whatever you’re after, you’ll find it here. These homes are built to the highest standards and can stay in your family for generations to come. You can get a look at what’s currently available by checking out the properties section of my website.

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It’s never too soon to start planning for your happily ever after in Los Cabos, and I’m here to help. Email me at Michael@LifestyleInCabo.com

A smart investment

Purchasing Los Cabos real estate is easy so long as you get the ball rolling. When you do make the decision to start your search, I’m here to help every step of the way. That said, the luxury real estate market is extremely hot right now, and prices are only going to go up.

At the same time, we’re seeing savings and market interest rates at an all-time low. What does that mean? Essentially, stowing that money away in your account isn’t doing you any major favors. Instead, you could use that capital to invest in a Los Cabos home that would immediately start enriching your family’s life.


Invest while you’re still working

It’s not required that you be retired to buy a retirement home. In fact, many clients have said that handling the purchase while still working simplified the process for them. Everything could be a little more incremental, and they knew just what to expect once making the official move. Since the home buying and home building processes tend to take a little longer in México than in the United States, it’s a good idea to give yourself plenty of time to complete the process.

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All about trust

Additionally, there are plenty of benefits to setting up a trust (known as a fideicomiso, these are required by Mexican law; learn more here): With a trust, you can avoid probate, minimize estate taxes, and make sure your heirs receive as much of your money as possible as quickly as possible. The type of trust you set up will depend on what your goals are. You can, for example, defer transfer tax when you pass away by planning ahead and transferring assets inside of the trust to your heirs without penalty or tax. Since your assets stay in the trust and don't change hands upon your death, they won’t go through the time, inconvenience, and considerable expense of probate. Again, every home in México is purchased inside of a trust or an LLC, and that means the trust can accomplish a simple and easy transfer of wealth.

You should, of course, always consult your personal lawyer and accountant to determine the best strategy for you.

Need even more reasons to get started today? Los Cabos is a fantastic place to call home all year: There’s a vibrant social scene as well as incredible food, great entertainment, art events, and activities like whale watching, sailing, fishing, and more.

~ Michael.