What You Need in a Real Estate Agent

What You Need in a Real Estate Agent

As somebody who’s been in the luxury real estate industry for more than three decades and in two different countries, I’ve had the opportunity to watch many of my colleagues succeed and heard more than my share of homeowner stories (good and bad).

Whether you’re buying or looking to sell, it’s critical that you find a real estate agent who will listen to your needs and wishes, advocate for you, know every step of the process, pay attention to details, have solid relationships within the community, and think creatively. Here you’ll find my list of nonnegotiable qualities you need in the agent representing your luxury real estate needs.


1. Experience

You’ve worked hard, and when you’re in the market for a multimillion-dollar home, you cannot and should not trust your business to anyone who is not an absolute veteran in the field. I have, for example, more than 30 years in the industry, first in Texas and, for the last 10 years, in Los Cabos.


2. Proven track record

Experience alone does not qualify an agent to handle your needs. You want to ensure that the agent you choose has a proven track record. Over the last three decades, I’ve closed more than $1.5 billion U.S. in real estate deals. The real estate industry is one that keeps track of everything, and I’m proud to have been the top agent in Los Cabos the last two years. That’s on top of the many accolades I received in Texas and my first several years in Baja California Sur.

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3. Breadth of expertise, from A to Z

It’s not enough to identify a good-looking house or a deal that all will agree upon. The very best agents are those who understand how a house is built, what signals good quality, and what subtle warnings there may be of a problem to come. My many years of experience in construction and homebuilding allow me to guide clients through every step of the process, whether purchasing an existing home or finding a property on which they can build their very own dream home. That necessary expertise extends to the related processes of financing, closing a deal, owning in a foreign country, property management, importing belongings, vacation home rentals, and beyond.


4. Community literacy

In Los Cabos, we’re often working with clients making the move to México (or acquiring a vacation property). That means it’s critical your agent be of community, meaning that he or she know the ins and outs of the neighborhoods, the schools, the restaurants, the activities. I’ve spent the last 10 years developing that expertise, and I’ve become such a go-to resource for friends, family, and clients that last year I launched Lifestyle in Cabo to make that info even more accessible. The bottom line: You want somebody who’s as invested in your community as you plan to become.

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5. A good listener

The relationship between agent and client must be healthy in order to make sure the client’s needs are identified and met. And, just like any strong relationship, that means good listening must be at its core. There’s nothing I prioritize more than understanding my client’s lifestyle, family, needs, wishes, workstyle, and Los Cabos plans. That allows me to be the best advocate and adviser I can be.

These must-haves are universal—whether you’re buying in Bel-Air, Dallas, Miami, or Cabo. Of course, if you’re planning to buy in Los Cabos, I hope you’ll consider reaching out to me. Let’s get this conversation started by emailing me at Michael@LifestyleInCabo.com

~ Michael.