Superyachts in Cabo

Superyachts in Cabo


The Sea of Cortés has become a picture-perfect playground for the world’s most luxurious 150-foot-and-bigger superyachts. Why Cabo? And why now?
A more appropriate question might just be, What took so long?


The Baja Peninsula has long attracted sportfishing enthusiasts. Its location is convenient to the Unites States, but, even more than that, it has the planet’s richest body of water. Jacques Cousteau famously described the Sea of Cortés as the world’s aquarium, and it is home to more than 2,000 species, including the endangered vaquita (the world’s smallest porpoise) and more than 900 varieties of fish.

Southern Baja is in many ways the new Galápagos Islands—and it’s a lot easier to get here. It is, after all, only a two-and-a-half-hour flight from Los Angeles or Dallas to Los Cabos. Why jet all the way to South America or the Bahamas, when Los Cabos offers spectacular views, five-star amenities, and restaurants featuring many of the best chefs in the world?

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My adopted hometown serves as a convenient and safe jumping-off point for sea adventures. Sail to La Paz (the Southern Baja capital known for beaches like Balandra and Pichilingue) or farther north to Danzante and the islands off Loreto. You can charter or purchase a luxurious vessel through the world-renowned Edmiston firm right here in Los Cabos. (I’m always happy to help facilitate the process; email me at to get started.)

The yachts I’ve chartered through Edmiston have all been amazing, with features that cater to my exact needs at any moment. Hosting a party or family reunion? Getting married on the water? Looking for a weeklong adventure? My friends at Edmiston can help you design the experience of a lifetime, selecting the yacht and services (think: catering, support staff) that’s best for you.

And you’ll enjoy all of this while in a spacious, expertly designed and beautifully appointed yacht with the kinds of views you’ll find only in Southern Baja.

~ Michael

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