México Today

México Today


Azure waters. Rolling dunes. Palms that give way to cacti. There’s a world of México to discover, and every day I spend in Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, is like an invitation to a new adventure.

This is a country I’ve called home since 2010. And while it’s easy to brush México in broad strokes, this is a nation made up of 31 states and about 130 million people (including about a million U.S. expats). Across its cities and jungles, forests and beaches, there are some 70-plus languages spoken and countless traditions to explore: culinary discoveries, vibrant art and tapestries, pottery, dance and music, and poetry.

There’s a richness here that goes beyond the gold and silver that so excited Spanish explorers. The people I’ve met and befriended in Los Cabos are among the kindest, most genuine, and hardworking anywhere. Their warmth and character reflect the country itself—one that is in constant evolution and has survived, even thrived, in the face of adversity.

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An exploration of México today reveals a destination that is at once familiar and foreign. You’ve seen the landscape and culture depicted in film and TV, through the media and popular music. But to be here is to see the uniqueness of its schools and hospitals, to learn the myriad ways to interpret the word ahora (“now”), and to realize that there’s a loveliness in what’s different.

Those who live in Los Cabos—or anywhere along the Baja Peninsula, for that matter—are quick to tell you that this is a destination unlike any on the mainland. And they’re right. Delight in the beaches that line the region; Los Cabos is actually made up of Cabo San Lucas, San José del Cabo, and the 20-mile corridor that connects the two. On one side is the tranquil and bountiful Sea of Cortés, on the other the misnomered Pacific, a wild ocean that makes for epic surfing.

And, of course, there are wonders for folks of all ages and persuasions to enjoy. Relax poolside, oceanfront, or at the spa. Dine at sensational restaurants, which dazzle with their diverse, creative menus and excellent service. Golf challenging courses that offer not only world-class designs but spectacular views. And marvel at the views—by sea, by land, or by air.

~ Michael.

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