Villas Del Mar Yacht Club (VDMYC)

Villas Del Mar Yacht Club (VDMYC)

Of course, one of the biggest draws to Cabo itself is the water. Living by the beach offers an endless amount of water-based activities that only add to the overall quality of your Cabo lifestyle, and one of the most popular (and most luxurious) activities is yachting.


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That’s why I took it upon myself to start a Villas Del Mar Yacht Club (VDMYC) with several residents in the community and, since, there’s been an increase of homeowners in the area investing in yachts. The club is growing by the day, which makes yachting adventures that much more fun and social!

Most of the VDMYC members' yachts are docked in the very quiet, very beautiful Puerto Los Cabos Marina, which serves as the perfect starting point for all your yachting adventures. If I were to map out your yacht ride for you, here’s what I might plan so you get the most out of your day:


·  Begin your trip by cruising directly to Cabo San Lucas. You can head straight there, or you can build in extra time for once-in-a-lifetime whale watching, and observing turtles and other marine wildlife while you make your way to your destination (there’s plenty to see, trust us!).

·  Anchor your yacht in the stunning Palmilla and invite friends to join you there by way of Rocky, the famous water taxi in the area.

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·  Once in Cabo, make sure to stop at The Arch—the rugged landmark of Cabo San Lucas that sits in the sea at the very tip of the Baja Peninsula. Take pictures, dive into the sea to cool off and observe closer and say hello to the surrounding wildlife basking in the sun. It’s a must and extremely easy to get to via your yacht

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·  As you make your way back to the marina, you can take a refreshing deep dive in the Chileno Bay or anchor in Santa Maria Beach to explore a bit more. End your cruise with a gorgeous sunset dinner at the El Ganzo Beach Club, where you’ll find more delicious margaritas and one of the freshest tuna tostadas in the area (the burger is great, too).


·  At this point in your adventure, you’ll probably be ready for lunch. I’ve got you covered with my recommendation of a personal Cabo favorite—The Office on the Beach. Munch on chips and salsa, fresh seafood, and sip on some of the best margaritas around. You may even be lucky enough to catch the iconic Rambo’s replacement, who recently stepped in to fill the legend’s boisterous shoes.



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There’s so much to see and do via yacht in Cabo San Lucas—this is just the beginning!

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